Absence system @ SCAD

Hey everyone! I am here to share with you how the absence system works at SCAD. Hope you enjoy!

Adapting to COVID

IE University was well equipped from the very start of this pandemic to handle out-of-class learning.

Social Life: Segovia vs Madrid

The Segovia campus affords you a much more tightly knit community, while the Madrid campus affords a wider variety of experiences and activities.

Internships through IE

IE University encourages its students to complete internships and will reward you with credits.

Study Abroad!

With IE, you can go almost anywhere you want in the world for semester abroad, with over 160 partner universities across more than 50 countries!

Vancouver Expenses: The Cost of Housing outside of Campus

One of the main concerns of leaving the first-year dormitories is probably “how much will I need to pay to live outside of campus.” For me, this is pretty much what I thought of during my summer break. Well, you can say that the cost of renting in Vancouver could be pretty high, especially when […]