Housing Options for UNAV Students

At UNAV, first year students typically have three housing options: colegio mayor, uni residences, and shared apartments. The first option, “colegios mayores”, is probably the most common. Think sorority / fraternity but without the greek life – there’s a sense of community that normal “uni residences / dorms” don’t have. They organize activities, and tend […]

How To: Avoid Common 1st Year Mistakes

If you’re new to Middlesex University Dubai, here are a couple mistakes you might want to avoid! (If you’ve already been through the grind, welcome to the club haha)

Pamplona as a Student City

I’ve lived abroad for most of my life, and Pamplona is without a doubt the best city I’ve lived in for students. It’s small, but not too small (just so you guys get an idea: the train station only has two tracks). There are uni students everywhere you go, and you become quickly familiar with […]

What subjects do I take at MedUNAV?

Have you ever wondered what subjects medical students take? In the University of Navarra, the new integrated curriculum means that students take one subject at a time, and that each subject mixes knowledge from different areas: radiology, physiology, anatomy, etc.

Why did I choose #medUNAV?

Hi everyone! In my first Vioo video, I quickly explain the top 3 reasons why I chose to study Medicine at the University of Navarra.