Packing for Uni – Tips!

Since we are nearing the end of August, I’m assuming most of you have either started university already or are about to. It’s an exciting time! But one of the things that stressed me out the most before starting my first year was … packing. How am I supposed to fit everything I’m going to […]

Summer Internship at a Retirement Home

In this video, I talk about my two-week internship at a local retirement home in Bonn, Germany, between my 11th and 12th grade years. My responsibilities included shadowing the nurses, entertaining the elderly by conversing with them in German and taking them on walks, as well as feeding them and assisting them in the bathroom. […]

COVID-19: In-Person Classes at UNAV

Something I really liked about UNAV was the fact that we had in-person classes all year round. Of course, masks and social distancing were still mandatory, and classes were still recorded on Zoom for quarantined students, but the fact that I was able to meet my classmates and professors in person from day 1 really […]

Application Process for #MedUNAV

In this video, I quickly review the three main ways to apply for Medicine at the University of Navarra: either completing the university’s Admission Exam, using IB grades, or completing the BMAT exam.