Marcelle Brasil

First time living away from Home

Hey guys! Going away to uni in a foreign country by yourself can be exciting and scary. I remember I was so happy to be living by myself, having my own responsibilities, and being able to take more control over my life. Having lived in a household where my parents have always been somewhat strict […]

Do I have to learn Spanish?

Hey guys! A huge doubt I had before going to Spain to study in the Medicine International Program at the University of Navarra was if I had to speak fluent Spanish. As someone who had never taken a Spanish class before in their life, you can imagine I was nervous about how I’d communicate with […]

La Isla de las Tentaciones

In this video I talk about how almost every university student in Pamplona have one thing in common: they all watch a Spanish reality TV show called La Isla de las Tentaciones

Music in Spain

In this video I talk about the kind of music in Spain and a little bit about how it’s like going out in Pamplona 🙂

Food at Sciences Cafeteria – UNAV

In this video I talk about the Sciences Cafeteria

Weather in Pamplona – Summertime

In this video, I talk about how the weather in Pamplona is like.

Introduction Video – Little bit about Me

This is an introduction video introducing myself and what I’ll be discussing in my upcoming videos 🙂