Maria Sosa

On dogsickness, ft. Dude

Being away from home, and your doggo is never gonna be easy. Pamplona makes it a little less hard.

Study Routine

As a bio major, high school did not prepare me for the amount of information that I had to memorize. Anki helped, a LOT. More info here:


Did you know that some of the bests surfers in the world come from Spain’s basque coast? Some of the best surfing spots can be found a bus ride away. Biarritz. Zarautz. Donostia San Sebastian. Take the eusko tren 😉


Pamp’s Taco Bell aka the happiest place on Earth

Spanish classrooms hit different

I’m talking about blushing while asking questions (something that never happened to me before, and literal crickets after a teacher tries to engage classmates through questions.

Pamplona’s big city quirk

Even though Pamplona may be small, it offers high quality cosmetic procedures. I’m confident when I say that, cosmetically, Panama city is borderline medieval compared to Pamps. Literally, there’s not even a Sephora in Panama. (there’s a kiko AND TWO SEPHORAS in pamps btw). Not to mention spanish farmacies are skin care heaven. Im talking […]


I made a mistake… I thought that my uni did not have a solid internship program. A quick google search proved me wrong. More on Navarra’s career services here:

Navarra, how not to waste your time

In Navarra, you can’t really apply undecided, and changing mayors is not easy. Make sure you reaaaaalllyyy know what you want to study before coming over. More on the International Foundation Program here:

The Landscapes Program

The Universidad de Navarra really focuses on offering students an international approach to their studies. I know that International Relations mayors have to study a year abroad, and that the Eramus program is really accesible. My mayor includes the Landscapes program to my study plan, which allows students to learn about environmental science topics particular […]

Opus Dei in Navarra

I heard about Opus Dei, a conservative catholic group, for the first time during my application process. There were definitely a lot of rumors about the group’s influence on campus that could’ve changed my decision to study here. However, once I moved to Pamplona for the first time I noticed the group had an effect […]