First time living away from Home

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Hey guys!
Going away to uni in a foreign country by yourself can be exciting and scary. I remember I was so happy to be living by myself, having my own responsibilities, and being able to take more control over my life.
Having lived in a household where my parents have always been somewhat strict with me and what I could do, living away from home was one thing I was definitely looking forward to but I realized that although I wanted that taste of freedom and independence, not having my parents around was a real challenge. Parents provide a kind of support that no one else can, not even your closest friends, and I found that talking to my parents every off day was one of the ways that I was able to keep my cool and be confident in another country.
As an international student, it’s easy to feel out of place at times, especially when the country you go to speaks a language that isn’t familiar to you. Surrounding yourself with good company is vital, but I can’t stress the importance of keeping in touch with your family. I remember that during exams I was so busy that I went a week without calling my parents. I was feeling overwhelmed, anxious and alone. I didn’t know it then but the reason I was feeling that way wasn’t because of my exam but because I hadn’t reached out to the people I trust most in the world. Immediately after talking to them, I felt such a relief and a new sense of motivation and confidence to carry on.
It’s easy to say we don’t need our parents once we move away from home, however, the truth is that we depend a lot more on them than we think.
I’m proud to say that the relationship between my parents and I has grown even more once I moved away from home. They’re the ones that give me the strength to live out my life and the motivation to push through any obstacle I face.
It is SO important to keep in touch with family <3

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