Housing in Paris

There are a lot of different accommodations you can choose when moving to Paris. It is very important to research all the options according to your preferences and budget a few months before moving because it is hard to get a place here. In this post, I want to share a little bit of my experience.
I chose to live in a small studio because I wanted to live alone and one of the most important things for me was the location. I live in a 20-meter square studio in the center of Paris. But it can be very hard to rent an apartment or a studio in the city because most agencies require a “garant” which is basically someone who can assure that if you are not able to pay the rent, they will. They also ask for a lot of different documents and most of the time you will have to pay a security fee, agency fees, and get insurance.
When I started the process of looking for my apartment I got a few tips that really helped me along the way. The first thing is; if you rent the apartment/studio directly with the owner it will be so much easier – but it is hard to find someone renting without an agency, which is why it is important to talk to people and ask friends if they know anybody. It is also very important to be prepared. They will demand a lot of different documents, so make sure you research and have everything with you – that will show them that you are serious and responsible. The last tip is some websites that worked for me and for some people that I know: Paris Attitude (they don’t require a French “Garant”) and Seloger.

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