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I’ve lived abroad for most of my life, and Pamplona is without a doubt the best city I’ve lived in for students. It’s small, but not too small (just so you guys get an idea: the train station only has two tracks). There are uni students everywhere you go, and you become quickly familiar with the streets and the landmarks. The city center has everything you need – there is literally a supermarket (Eroski) and a pharmacy on every street.

Another thing, Pamplona has a ton of bike paths! It surprised me to see so many uni students riding their bike to class. No hills and short distances (most people take less than 20 mins to walk to class).

Pamplona also has a nice location. It’s an hour away from San Sebastián (Basque Country), and relatively close to France and Andorra. Because it’s in the north, the climate is generally cool (so you won’t be suffering the 40 degree summer weather!).

Another thing is the food. We can’t talk about Pamplona, and really the north of Spain in general, without talking about food. Croquetas, tortilla de patatas, jamón, pimientos … the food is delicious.

Overall, as a student I’m really happy to study in Pamplona. I come from Madrid, where the “big city” life can be overwhelming. But in Pamplona it’s really easy to move around and quickly explore the city.

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