What I learned during my first week alone in Savannah

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Hey everyone!
This week has been… weird, exciting, and challenging.
With everything that’s going on it was hard to get some time to seat and properly record something for you, but I wanted to share some of my experience here this week so I decided to write a little blog entry.
As you guys may remember from my past videos, my parents couldn’t come with me to help me get settled, so after spending a week “alone” in a different country and a town I’ve never been through I can say that I learned some things…
So, first, it may sound tacky, but believe in yourself! This week I’ve learned that I was more capable than I imagined.
As international students’ we have a great support system from the university, use that!
Remember that we are all in this together. I’m sure that when is your time to move-in to your school and start classes there will be thousands of other students in the same situation as you – and what’s better, they will be literally around you every day!
The school seem to want you to feel welcome and to make the best out of your college life and your years in school, show that you want this too and participate. – As a sophomore it was hard to attend the orientation program, but because I had an early move in I participated in some of the events, the freshman are really being taken care of, I can assure you.
And finally, at least in Savannah, people are nice! Be nice back and you’ll already feel more comfortable haha!

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