Our Mission

Help students make informed choices in their education and professional journeys.

Our Vision

Democratize experiences by helping others find what they love to do, where they love to do it, and how to get there.

Introducing Vioo

Vioo (pronounced as “view”) is a web-app where you can explore what your future life will be like through authentic, transparent content, sourced from people you can relate to.

Today, we focus on the transition from high school to college: dive into the life of any college student around the world , majoring in any subject, before you even apply.

With Vioo, you can explore hundreds of real-life college student videos, request on-demand video content depicting the ins-and-out, and video chat students with similar profiles.

Soon, college students will be able to do the same with any employer when looking for summer/full-time jobs.

The Founders

Aleks and Chris, who graduated from UC Berkeley and UPenn, had expectations of what their college experience would be like before they arrived in the U.S. However the reality of life on campus was much different than their expectation!

Now more than ever, prospective students need virtual resources to understand their college and its community. Vioo was created so no other student or parent has to face this issue again.

Meet the Team

Fall 2021

Growth & Outreach

Data & Platform

Content & Marketing

Corporate Business Development