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Designed for students and parents.

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Membership Plans

Designed for students and parents.

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The ins and outs no one tells you, taught by those who have been there before.

ViooClass was created as an extension of our video content library to guide you through lessons we had to learn the hard way. Whether it’s college applications, decisions, or life after college, our team will be with you along the way. What makes ViooClass powerful is our ability to bring together multiple perspectives from students all around the world and education experts. 

Safe space to ask about what you really want to know.

Vioo organizes live webinars for Premium members, called RealTalks. At each RealTalk, high schoolers and parents are invited for a 2 hour, moderated peer-to-peer discussing with current college students. During this time high school students can discuss a range of topics with current students, from academic matters to student life. In fact, Premium members even get to choose which universities these students are enrolled in.

Explore university life from the safety of your home. 

A huge part of the college decision process is finding your best fit. Many students are losing the opportunity to visit universities because of the pandemic, not to mention the high costs of such a trip. Don’t worry, Vioo is here to help! Premium members are able to book Personal Campus Tours both virtually and in-person. Let students show you how where they love to study, campus gems, and more!

At least 50% less for on-demand requests, for as long as you’re a member. 

At Vioo, we believe that you should always be able to find the content and connect with the people that will make a difference in your academic and professional lives. That is why we allow our Premium members to request Future You chats with college students at a 50% discount and request unlimited videos if they can’t find information on a topic of interest.

Membership Plans




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