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» 1 hour conversation;

» Choose their background, major, and year;

» We’ll connect you. It’s that easy.

Make the most of your chat, download our list of 50 questions you should be asking before going to college.


Most frequent questions and answers

What do you mean, "future you?"

Future you is the best way to connect with college students from a distance. Engage for hour-long sessions with someone who fits the profile you are looking for. When deciding where to attend college, the best way to prepare yourself academically, emotionally, psychologically, and financially, is speaking with a student living that reality. With Future You, you get the privacy you need to ask whatever you’d like to your future self.

How much does it cost?

Future You Chats are $30/hour for high schoolers. Members enrolled in Vioo’s Family Plan get 20% off Future You Chats and Personalized Tour Guides. 

We currently accept payments through Stripe (credit card) or Paypal.

How do I book a future you chat?

Click “Book My Chat” in the pane above and fill in the personal information for college students. Once the form is filled you’ll receive a confirmation email. We will then notify you within 5 business days of the profiles found that match your request and a payment gateway so we can confirm your chat.

What universities are available?

We are starting with a handful of universities:
Babson College
Bentley University
Boston College
Boston University
Columbia University
Duke University
Fordham University
Harvard University
Hult International Business School
Michigan University
Northeastern University
New York University
Pepperdine University
Princeton University
Suffolk University
Temple University
Tufts University
UC Berkeley
University of Pennsylvania
Yale University

 If your desired university is not on this list yet, let us know by sending an email to team@vioo.world. We will work on expanding these tours to others universities in the US and, as soon as more universities are added, we will let you know so you sign up at our platform here.