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Get to know me, Cole Matino, the newest member of Vioo’s Academic Business Development Team for the Fall 2020 semester.

Dining at GWU

In this video, I talk about how the dining experience is in GWU. I explain how our GWCard works and...

Campus at GWU

In this video, we discuss what are the campuses of GWU and what are the difference between them.


Study Abroad Costs

Costs when it comes to study abroad at GWU and how it might be cheaper than living on campus in...

Classes at GWU

In this video, I talk about how are the classes dynamics in GWU. I explain how the big lectures work...


culture & Community


In this video, we talk about BRASA at GWU, its 3 main pillars/ goals, events promoted in the university, opportunities,...

Financial Guides

sports, social, & Enterainment


In this video, I talk about the GYM options at GWU that all the students have access to, their location,...

Weekend Getaways @GW

*Lots of fun activities around DC* Maryland and Virginia are super close to DC and GW campus. You can also...


Transportation at GWU

In this video, I explain the most common method of transportation at GWU among the students and the options available.

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Sports Culture at GWU

My explanation on why you should not attend GWU if you are looking for a school with a celebrated sports culture