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University City- Transportation in Den Bosch

If you decide to live in Den Bosch, a bike is a must have! Everything is only a short bike ride away. But if you decide to life somewhere else, that is also fine because Den Bosch is very well connected. The train station is small, but with connections to...


My University City – Den Bosch

Hey everyone,So HAS is in ‘s-Hertogenbosch but most people know it as Den Bosch. Even Dutch people struggle saying ‘s-Hertogenbosch haha. Deb Bosch is the capital city of the province North Brabant in the Netherlands.It is quite a small town, however, there is still a lot to do. The city...


Covid life- term 3

I must say that HAS has been dealing well with everything. It is not easy for everyone, but the teachers do try their best and their motivation is inspiring. Term 3 started, and we all meet online. The only time in the university was when we had to perform an...


Covid and my student life Term 2

Hey, So, each term is about 3 months. So, by the end of November, we got a new group of 10 people. Unfortunately, with this group I only got the chance to meet in person for a few weeks, since in December 2020, the Netherlands went into lockdown again. Around...


Covid and my student life Term 1

Hey everyone, So today I’m going to talk a little about how HAS has been dealing with the pandemic. Let’s start from the beginning. I joined in September 2020, when the cases were not too bad in the Netherlands. Sadly, that did not last long. In the beginning, we would...

IFA Courses (part4)

In the first half year of the 4th year, you will follow the specialisation called “Future Food Systems”. In the 2nd half, you will work on a graduation assignment. This professional assignment will be arranged by the HAS. The issue you will work on with your project group, is a...

IFA courses (part 3)

The third year of your study programme is all about strengthening your profile. You choose yourself to go for a broadening or deepening minor ánd you will go on an internship. The minor can be done at the HAS or at another university (of applied sciences): in the Netherlands or...

IFA courses (part 2)

Hi everyone, This post is about the courses IFA provides during year 2. During the 2nd year you’ll go deeper into the topics and you will apply it in different projects, often in co-operation with companies. The courses are focused on business (company economics and marketing), supply chain management, circular...