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My University City – Den Bosch

Hey everyone,So HAS is in ‘s-Hertogenbosch but most people know it as Den Bosch. Even Dutch people struggle saying ‘s-Hertogenbosch haha. Deb Bosch is the capital city of the province North Brabant in the Netherlands.It is quite a small town, however, there is still a lot to do. The city...

IFA courses (part 3)

The third year of your study programme is all about strengthening your profile. You choose yourself to go for a broadening or deepening minor ánd you will go on an internship. The minor can be done at the HAS or at another university (of applied sciences): in the Netherlands or...

IFA courses (part 2)

Hi everyone, This post is about the courses IFA provides during year 2. During the 2nd year you’ll go deeper into the topics and you will apply it in different projects, often in co-operation with companies. The courses are focused on business (company economics and marketing), supply chain management, circular...

Courses at IFA ( Year 1)

Hi everyone, Today, I’ll be talking about the courses at IFA (International Food & Agribusiness). The first year is divided into four terms which each has two modules. The first term was about Global Food Systems and Introduction to Food. The second term is about Primary Production and Agri-food business....