Connect your students with their future

With Vioo, high school students can meet college students, and explore what their future lives will be like at hundreds of universities around the world.

Elevating The Meaning of "University Fit"

Finding the perfect college involves personal, emotional, and social fit. High school counselors are often overloaded with students, and may not have the time or resources to assist all their students in the university decision-making.

At Vioo, our goal is to democratize college experiences, and now more than ever, high schoolers need a digital platform to choose the university best fit for them. Vioo currently has 1000+ college students from over 100 universities around the world. Every piece of content you find on Vioo is on-demand, so students can request videos, webinars, video chats, and online tours, to learn more about any major and university.




The Vioo Difference

While counselors and Prep Programs help high schoolers get into universities, Vioo shows them what they are getting into! Our platform allows high schoolers to explore the college life they dreamed of in an authentic and transparent environment. Vioo is a complement to a High School curriculum, working side by side to make sure that students — and their families — can make the most secure, informed, and fulfilling college decision.

Unlike most peer to peer platforms, Vioo lets prospective students dictate what they want to see. All of our content is sourced from our network of current college students, meaning you will interact with recent, relevant, and real experiences.

High School Partnership Plan



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