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Most frequent questions and answers

What is RealTalks and RealTalks Parents?

RealTalks is live webinar for high schoolers held  with Vioo’s team and invited college students of your choice. For two hours, we’ll go over 5 topics you selected in the sign up form and open the floor for any questions related to the college search, application, and preparation. It’s a chance to get the ins and outs of college from the perspective of college students. 

RealTalks Parents is held immediately after RealTalks and our team will cover topics exclusive for parents. This includes financial aid, must-have documentation, and how to cope with sending your child to college. For two hours, we’ll cover 5 topics you selected in the sign up form and open the floor for any additional questions you might have.

Is there a limit to how many people can attend a realtalks Session?

Each RealTalks session is limited to 20 participants at a time. 

How Do I Sign Up For RealTalks? Is It Free?

RealTalks is completely free for high schoolers and parents. We’re here to help you on this journey towards college! 

To sign up, press the “Sign Up For RealTalks” or the  “Sign Up For RealTalks Parents” button above. You will be asked to fill out a quick questionnaire with your topics of choice and will then receive a calendar invite for the session once signed up. 

I haven't started the college application process, Can RealTalks still help me?

100%! Many of the topics we cover are applicable to 8th-10th graders and their parents. The earlier you can prepare for the process, the better equipped you’ll be to succeed. 

RealTalks helped me but I want to dive deeper into my university of choice, what do I do?

Not a problem. Vioo has a selection of hundreds of videos of college students across the United States. If you want to speak directly with a college student, then you can book a Future You Chat with a college student of your choice or schedule a Personalized Campus Tour by choosing one of the options below: