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Quarter system

Hey everyone! In this video a talk about the quarter system we have at SCAD and also some pros and...


Exams @ SCAD

Hey everyone! In this video I talk about how different are exams at scad hahaha hope you enjoy it! Stay...

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sports, social, & Enterainment


Hey everyone! In this video I share with you the available sports’s teams at SCAD. Hope you enjoy it.


Time difference

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you how my experience dealing with time difference have been during my online...

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Book recommendation 2

Hey everyone! I’m here with another book recommendation. This book really spoke to me and it’s a super fast read! Hope you like it!

Office hours and tips!

Hey everyone! Im here to share some of my experience with office hours and just keeping in contact with your professors. hope you enjoy it.

Online classes (Elearning) @ SCAD

Hi everyone! In this video I share with you how the online classe work at scad! These are not the virtual classes we had because of the pandemic, but classes from the elearning campus

What’s a discussion post?

Hey everyone! I realized that I’d talk about discussion posts on my videos but never really took the time to explain what they are, so here’s a basic explanation! Hope you enjoy it

Getting a student Visa

hello everyone! in this video i talked about the documents and the process we need to go through as international students to get a student visa! Hope you enjoy it.