Apresentação – estudante de jornalismo

Oi gente, neste vídeo faço um breve apresentação de mim e do que estudo. Espero que gostem vejo vocês nos próximos

Introduction – Second Year Law and International Relations Student

Get to know me, why I choose to study at IE, and my favorite classes during my first year!

This is me

This is a brief introduction of myself. The reason I choose the UAM to study and what I like about it.

La Isla de las Tentaciones

In this video I talk about how almost every university student in Pamplona have one thing in common: they all watch a Spanish reality TV show called La Isla de las Tentaciones

Student atmosphere in Utrecht

Utrecht is a student city which great academic virtues, but it can sometimes be too competitive

Study Views 😍

Ponderosa Commons Study Space. Organic Chem – with the best coffee – “blenz” and those gorgeous views 😍

Vancouver Weather @ UBC :)

Vancouver – very moderate weather out of all the cities/provinces in BC. For the Fall – a good rain jacket, umbrella, long pants, hoodie suffices. For the summer-long jeans/shorts and t-shirts it’s good enough

Expectations on going to the University of Florida

Hello Viooers. In this video, I just want to tell you guys what I expect while going to the University of Florida

Aplicativos para organização

Aplicativos que podem tornar seu dia a dia mais fácil e organizado.

My General University Experience

In this video, I talk a bit about my initial reactions and experience when I transitioned to a post-secondary institution!