Introducing myself and Why IU?

Hey, everyone! This is an introduction video and I will be explaining why I chose to study at Indiana University Bloomington! Nice to meet all of you!

Science One Program – More info :)

More info can be found how to apply:

About Me and Admission to UBC

Introduction About Me: Anthony Moss. Third Year Honours Biology Program. 2019-2020 Science One Program Vancouver, British Columbia

Tips for your VISA interview

Hey everyone! I’m here to share some tips for your visa interview. Hope you enjoy it!

Application Process (A look at Waterloo’s AIF)

In this video, I talk about Waterloo’s application process, and more specifically the Admissions Information Form (AIF), a unique a complex part of Waterloo’s application!

Why I Applied to my University Program (CFM)

In this short video, I talk about why I made the ultimate decision to apply and attend the University of Waterloo for my program – Computing and Financial Management

Navarra, how not to waste your time

In Navarra, you can’t really apply undecided, and changing mayors is not easy. Make sure you reaaaaalllyyy know what you want to study before coming over. More on the International Foundation Program here:

Applying to TUM with the IB

Here I explain how it was my process when applying to a german university whilst having an IB

IE application process done. Now what?

Once you have completed the IE application process, what do you have to do next? Here you will find some tips.

Things I wish I knew before applying to IEU

In the following video you will find a little review about myself and why I have decided to study at IE University. Also, I give some information about uni that I would have loved to know before applying to IE.

Candidatura para Curso de Russo

Muitas vezes não conseguimos conquistar algo, tanto academicamente quanto profissionalmente por simplesmente não ter conhecimento das informações e pessoas certas, que talvez já tenham passado por tais dificuldades ou problemas, mas que, apesar disso, hoje em dia conseguiram conquistar seus objetivos. Desta forma, é importante ressaltar que, quanto mais conhecimento nós possuímos e o quanto […]