Doing Sports at UU: University and Private Gyms

Utrecht University offers a free entrance to the gym but there are many others!

Intramurals at Queen’s University

In this video, I talk a little bit about intramural sports and leagues within the university. Please note that my experience has only been during the COVID-19 pandemic era, when school was online and many restrictions were in place. We were allowed on campus and were able to play a modified version of the sports […]

Sports Facilities Munich

If you like sports and study in Munich, you should know about this…

UTM: the gym

One of my favorite things at UTM: their cool gym!

Surf and sailing club in a university!! Excelia Group

In this video I talk about the different clubs and organizations focusing on sports ones (seaside ones)

French football from a Brazilian perspective

In this video I discuss my experience playing football in France and my perspective about it.

French football in a Brazilian perspective

In this video I discuss my experience playing in France and my point of view towards it!

Football in Excelia Group / Sports part 4

Experience of playing for Excelia group in pandemic times

Sports in Excelia Group – SURF team and all!!!!

Part 3 of the series about sports in Excelia Group

Sports in Excelia Group – part 2

Second part about sports in Excelia group and also in La Rochelle

Sports in Excelia Group

This video is about sports opportunities and my personal experience

Handball at FGV

Hi! My name is Noemi and in this video I tall about how it was to be a part of the handball team at FGV.