First Snow Day On Campus!

I will show you how Babson looks like during winter.

Wellesley During a Snow Day

In this video I show you the city where Babson is located and how it looks during winter! I also give you tips on how to get to the city during winter.

Living in Boston during the Winter

I show you the reality of living in the Northeast and how one takes care of their car.

Campus Tour: Luksic Hall

I show you a different side of Babson: Luksic Hall that has both offices and classrooms.

Campus Tour: Lunder Center – Admission’s Office

I show you a different side of campus where the Admission’s Office is located.

Campus Tour: Inside the Gym (BRAC) pt 1

I show you the indoor courts and the spinning studio.

Getting to the City During Colder Months

I share that our first snow day is coming up and how to get to the city during winter (and what to avoid).

Course Registration

I explain how the course registration process works

What my day was like today

I go over what a typical day looks like for me

What does a college student kitchen + fridge looks like?

I show you some of the snacks I enjoy having in college, what a college student usually has in their fridge, and some tips to survive winter

Where I Live and How to get Into Buildings

I show you my building (Pietz Hall) and how it works to get in.

Perks of Living in the Northeast: Squirrels

I show you some of my favorite things about living here: always seeing squirrels!