Public transport to get to the UAM

Cantoblanco, which is where the UAM campus is at, is far from Madrid city. To get there you can take either bus or train.

Campus Tours

A day in a Life of an IEr.

Bath University Campus

Here I share a little about what the Bath Uni campus is like

TUM Campus

I briefly describe the TUM Campus

Campus Tour at the University of Florida

Hello everyone. I thought it would be interesting if I shared how students can schedule a tour to get to know the University of Florida.

Summer A class

Management 4720 over summer A at FIU 75

Sobre a FEI pt.2

Aooba, eæ meu poovo tudo bão? Vou soltar aqui a parte 2 do video sobre a FEI, e no próximo ja iremos falar sobre as entidades!!

Sobre a FEI pt.1

Aooba! tudo bao galerinha! nesse video vou falar um pouco sobre a FEI os cursos que ela tem e os campus!! muito obrigado por estar por aqui! : )

Renovation @ The Hague Campus

The Hague Campus is currently being renovated, for which classes are being held in portable cabins that have been built next to Skotel.

My University City – Den Bosch

Hey everyone,So HAS is in ‘s-Hertogenbosch but most people know it as Den Bosch. Even Dutch people struggle saying ‘s-Hertogenbosch haha. Deb Bosch is the capital city of the province North Brabant in the Netherlands.It is quite a small town, however, there is still a lot to do. The city itself is a tourist attraction […]

Rotterdam virtual visit

I’ve never really lived in Rotterdam, but it’s still an amazing city, so check this video out!