Spanish classrooms hit different

I’m talking about blushing while asking questions (something that never happened to me before, and literal crickets after a teacher tries to engage classmates through questions.

Seasons and Weather Cultural Shock

Living in a country with seasons, how to deal with it and some advice.

Do I have to learn Spanish?

Hey guys! A huge doubt I had before going to Spain to study in the Medicine International Program at the University of Navarra was if I had to speak fluent Spanish. As someone who had never taken a Spanish class before in their life, you can imagine I was nervous about how I’d communicate with […]

Culture Shock: Food

Food in super markets and restaurants can be overprized…


Olá a todes, me chamo Sofia e vim contar um pouco da minha experiência como recém chagada na faculdade de farmácia da UNIFESP. A princípio, como muitos pensam, o farmacêutico não é apenas aquele que coloca crédito ou atende pessoas nas drogarias. Tem bem mais! Pessoalmente, me atrai para a faculdade com o intuito de […]

Going to a UK Uni without being British part 3

(part 3) Here I share some of the culture shocks I experienced in my first year at Bath UNI

Weekdays and Weekends? All the same in the Netherlands

Working and partying is duable everyday of the week, soon you will find out weekends and weekdays blend together

Culture shock: Notion of time

I found that my ideas of morning, afternoon, evening and time were different to my friends’ from the Netherlands

Social Media Pamplona vs Toronto

In Toronto and I think North America as a whole social media seems to be taken a lot more seriously and used a lot more. In Pamplona on the other hand social media is used solely for the occasional meme or video but any more serious topic is covered on something like WhatsApp or over […]