Campus Activities Board @ Florida Tech

Something that most college students and advisors often say is that, in order to make the most out of your college experience, you should try to be as active and involved as possible! Obviously this may mean something different based on your schedule and workload, but with the 150+ student clubs and organizations at Florida […]

L3Harris Student Design Center (L3HSDC) @ Florida Tech

The Florida Institute of Technology could not be complete without, well, Technology! So this post will bring us to the L3Harris Student Design Center, or the HSDC, which is the place dedicated entirely for students to create (and, sometimes, destroy) whatever they desire, whether it be for classes, projects, or their own personal interest. The […]

Pass/No Credit System

We all know that, since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, students have been having a much harder time adapting to classes and maintaining healthy schedules (and their sanity). Because of the heavy toll that this averse situation had on the students, and after hearing the requests of the students and working with the Student […]

Panthereum @ Florida Tech

This is the Panthereum, one of Florida Tech’s many beautiful open areas, which gives the students a calm and pretty place for hanging out, studying, attending live events, among any activity you may wish to do. It is one of the prettiest spots on campus, so don’t miss it!

HaVioo Heard: Student Government Association

Hello Everyone! Have you heard about your school’s Student Government Association, or SGA? Chances are, your school does have one, and they are your best resource for voicing your concerns and interests as students! My name’s Diego Machado Diesel, I am a freshman in Aerospace Engineering and I am a Senator of the Student Body […]

Introduction to Florida Tech

Very quick introduction to the Florida Institute of Technology