Worst Day of Year 1 @HTH

Moving out of Skotel, the student housing was the most stressful day of the first year

Family Day/ COVID-19 Lunch Party

During your practical education block you will be organizing a family day.

PRD Course (Professional Development)

PRD is a mandatory course that begins in the first year. You will get a tutor who will support you throughout your studies.

Difficulty of the first year @ HTH

The first year is definitely manageable if you put some effort into your work. You do have a lot of preparation work and need to actively participate in classes.

Student Association Senti Questo

The second main student association is Senti Questo. This is very international and they have the Kinderbar, where they sell cheap drinks every Thursday (of course only if the pandemic allows it)

Student Association La Confrerie

The most popular student association is La Confrerie. This is a very active association that has its own club bar. Furthermore you can also form year clubs!

Renovation @ The Hague Campus

The Hague Campus is currently being renovated, for which classes are being held in portable cabins that have been built next to Skotel.

International Community

In this video I talk about the international community at HTH.


Both the campus and Skotel are located in Scheveningen. Next to the beach and dunes there are lots of nice restaurants and bars, a cinema, casinos and parks.

Travelling in The Netherlands

It is really recommended to get an OV-Chipkaart when coming to the Netherlands, as you will save a lot of money when travelling with the bus or tram.

How expensive is The Hague?

Living in The Hague is definitely doable. During your first year, a lot of the food is included in your accommodation, for which your expenses on groceries will not be as much.

Renovation @ The Hague Campus

The Hague Campus is currently being completely renovated, for which classes this year are in portable cabins. However, from summer onwards, the campus will be ready, so if you come to The Hague now, you will get to be in a brand new campus!