You will have a lot of tutorial sheets, practice papers and notes

Musical Theatre Society

Definitely the one I recommend the most if you are into music

My favourite Restaurant at Imperial

Its only open until 16 o’clock though:/

Farmers Market! Another food option

Food is a highlight of my experience at Imperial

Biking in London

I describe what support Imperial provides to students who want to bike around London.

What happens when I fail an exam?

I describe the process specific to Mechanical Engineering for failing an exam at Imperial College London. Please consider information might be out of date.

Farmers Market at Imperial

Description of what farmers market was and best places to eat in!

Life at Halls before COVID

In this video i will be explaining about how life was (and hopefully will be) at Imperial College Halls of residence (Eastside and Southside)

Career prospects of Bioengineering

Brief explanation of career options for bioengineers.