International Business Students at the University of Florida

Hello guys. In this video, I give you guys a preview on the experience of an international business student at UF. Enjoy and Go Gators 🐊

Ratio between Dutch and International students in Utrecht

I think the difference is quite balanced. Besides in linguistic courses offered mostly in dutch!

The support o given to international students

International students hub and society and all other resources given by the university to ensure international students are comfortable and happy.

International Experience

In this video i explain how Tec has very god relationships with other schools and they offer you many different options for internships, jobs and also competitions or challenges.

The International Community at Bath

My personal experience being an international student at the University of Bath, as well as how the university supports International students and facilitates the move.

The international community in the University of Bath

Here I share my experience being an international student at the university of Bath, as some tips and recommendations if you are an international student looking to study here.

International Community – Paris

In the following essay I will elaborate on the international community in Paris. I go to the International Fashion Academy Paris, so everyone I know from uni is a foreigner in France. This means I have made friends from all over the world, who speak all sorts of languages and abide by various cultures. It […]

International Community

In this video I talk about the international community at HTH.

An International Student Body

IE University’s student body is extremely international, so you will have no problem fitting in!

First week at NC State as an International student.

Hey, today I’m talking about my experiences when I first moved in to NCSU!