Third week as a Business Development Intern at Talento Incluir

Hello Viooers! In this video, I share how was my third week at my internship,

My second week at Talento

In this video, I share how was my second week at my internship.,

My first week at the internship

In this video, I share how was my first week as a business development intern at Talento Incluir,

Estágio em Marketing

Neste vídeo conto sobre o dia a dia do estágio, principais tarefas e diferentes setores de atuação do marketing.,

Shadowing experience for A-lign

FSU gave me an opportunity to shadow for A-lign and get a feel of the life on the HR and recruiting department,

My Experience With AIESEC [#3: Do I Recommend It?]

Get to know more about AIESEC:,

My Experience With AIESEC [#2: Program that I Choose]

In this video I talk about which program that I choose and share some valuable experiences that I gain from it!,

My Experience With AIESEC [#1: Get To Know AIESEC]

Hi, everyone! In this video I’d like to talk about my internship-volunteer experience with AIESEC when I was in Indonesia 2 years ago. If you want to get to know more about AIESEC, visit,

Part 1 – My Internship Experience at Hospital da Beneficência Portuguesa

PT: Neste vídeo discuti alguns aspectos sobre o Hospital da Beneficência Portuguesa, focando especialmente porque optei por fazer estágio lá. // ENG: In this video I discussed some aspects about the Hospital da Beneficência Portuguesa, specially focusing on why I chose to have my internship experience there.,

Introducing My Internships At Intel

Summer of 2017: Smart Device Innovation at Santa Clara OfficeFall of 2018: Algorithms & Machine Learning Co-Op, SF Office

Pre-Requisites for my Engineering Internship at Intel

Like most technical fields, an engineering background is highly recommended. From software engineering to hardware, I had to have a deep understanding of machine learning, hardware, and biomechanics to succeed at Intel.

Interviewing for Intel: technical project

I break down the interview steps in my two internships at Intel. From basic screening questions to a virtual presentation and a lot of data analysis, it was definitely a lot of fun!