Telling you all about my experience doing an internship this year!

End of my internship with Talento Incluir

Hello guys. I want to share with you all in this video about the end of my internship with Talento Incluir


I made a mistake… I thought that my uni did not have a solid internship program. A quick google search proved me wrong. More on Navarra’s career services here:


A career path waiting for you…

Part 2 – Co-op Application Process

In part 2, we will be discussing the rank-match process that Waterloo has in place to match students to a co-op position!

Co-op Application Process Part 1

In this video, we touch upon the preliminary application process for co-op positions at the University of Waterloo.

Introduction to Co-op at Waterloo!

Waterloo’s Co-op program, arguably the best in Canada. Time to flex our program and inform you a bit about what we offer!

What students do after graduating PPE.

We are pioneers, meaning that no class before us has graduated PPE Utrecht! But these are some of the choices my peers have made!

Estágios pela USP

Oiii, pessoal! Neste vídeo, conto um pouco sobre como é o processo para você conseguir um estágio com a ajuda da Universidade de São Paulo, espero que gostem!

ROP: Increase your chance of acceptance

Some tips on how I could get accepted to the single ROP that I applied to.

ROP: the hard truth

Sometimes experiences make you realizes that they’re not for you, and that is OK!!

ROP: Time Management tips

Time management is super important for a research assistant since you have to juggle so much!