Transitioning from A-levels to University

Hi 🙂 this video briefly discusses a few key ways in which my work load changed when I went from a-levels to Uni.

Renting in London

Hi! This video details my advice on how to deal with London estate agents and choose a flat 🙂

Uni is all about the experience

Its a one in a lifetime experience and you should enjoy the ride

Dissertation tips

My advice: time management and chose a topic that really interests you

Why I think intercollegiate catered halls are a great option

Hi! This video describes why I think intercollegiate halls in London are a great option for first year London students. Especially when you choose catered accommodation, I think it helps ease you into university life 🙂

My thought processes when choosing my Uni and accommodation

Hi! This video describes my thought patterns when selecting my university and choosing my accommodation. I explain how I decided that kings was the Uni for me and what things I considered when figuring out where to live as a first year student!

Being efficient in Zoom lessons

This video is about taking steps towards maximising your motivation in online learning. I think it’s important to take steps which minimise distractions and zoom calls/events are such a popular mode of communication at the moment, it is useful to learn how to get the most from your zoom calls.

Mental health support at King’s College London

Hello everyone! As I’m about to graduate I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I wish I had taken more advantage of during my time in uni. One of the big ones has been mental health support. During my second year in KCL, a few people I knew started seeking out mental health support […]

How I got into King’s College London

A brief explanation of how I applied to King’s College London through the KIF Program (King’s International Foundation), what I needed to do in order to progress into my first year, and why I recommend it!

U.K vs U.S.A Grading System

A little explanation on how the grading system works in the U.K in comparison to the U.S.A U.S.A                                             U.K 50%-60%  > F                           […]