Don’t be afraid of speaking French!

I talk a little bit about how speaking French was one of my biggest insecurities but I managed to turn it into one of my biggest strengths!

Things that happened to me living in Paris like in the show “Emily in Paris”

A quick video about things that I experienced while living in Paris that looked like I was Emily from Emily in Paris! Part 2 coming up 🙂

Finding an apartment in Paris

A quick tip on how you can find your apartment (studio) in Paris as a foreign student! It’s a great option but I can give more details on all the places where I lived here in France to give you an idea about the different areas!

Preparing for Exams

Some tips that work for me when preparing for exams.


Pamp’s Taco Bell aka the happiest place on Earth

Pamplona’s big city quirk

Even though Pamplona may be small, it offers high quality cosmetic procedures. I’m confident when I say that, cosmetically, Panama city is borderline medieval compared to Pamps. Literally, there’s not even a Sephora in Panama. (there’s a kiko AND TWO SEPHORAS in pamps btw). Not to mention spanish farmacies are skin care heaven. Im talking […]

Como Evitar Matéria Acumulada Part.2

Algumas dicas de como evitar a matéria acumulada na universidade.

Getting your drivers license in the Netherlands.

It’s very expensive but really easy. Don’t let bikes scare you.

Bike in Utrecht 102

Watch out for drubk cycling, it is not safe and you can gte fined just like in a car!

Como evitar matéria acumulada?

Algumas dicas de estratégias que você pode adotar para diminuir ou até evitar a matéria acumulada.

Storage at Accommodation

Usually uni accommodations do not have much space for storage, here I talk about small but good tips I wish I knew.

Cleaning Services at Bath Uni

Here I share a little about what the cleaning services are like at Bath University