Do you need to buy a printer?

I never had a printer but I highly recommend you to get one, here’s why

Final’s hack – buy a bunch of snacks

Final’s week is super stressful and if you’re pulling all-nighters definitely follow this advice.

What’s a seminar?

In this video, I explain what’s a seminar, when you will have it, and what you can get out of it!

What’s a tailgate?

Here I explain what’s a college tailgate and what to expect from it.

What are Bruincast classes?

Bruincast are recorded classes at UCLA – watch out for this advice!

Take attendance seriously

Attendance is usually a relevant % of your final grade, so resist the urge of skipping class and show up!!

Mandatory attendance

Do all classes take attendance? Not really but don’t get in the habit of skipping classes!

How far are classes from your dorm?

UCLA has lots of stairs and you will walk a lot. Spare 15–20 minutes before class to get there on time.

Does Greek Life cost money?

Yes, you have to pay a semester/quarter fee to your sorority or fraternity, regardless if you’re living at the house or not.

Why I decided to NOT take a Gap Semester

I really wanted to take a Gap semester, ultimately I decided not to – here’s why