Friends and sports

Join sports clubs and I can guarantee you ll make plenty of friends

Making friends

Everyone is feeling the same way the first day, take your chance start a small convo. 😄

Music in Spain

In this video I talk about the kind of music in Spain and a little bit about how it’s like going out in Pamplona 🙂

Social life as a student

Life in the Netherlands is super individualistic, so you need to find many activities you enjoy

Flirting in the Netherlands: A struggle.

You will find yourself a bit misplaced when coming to the Netherlands due to the dutchies weird way of flirting.

Unique perks of Utrecht

I briefly explain what I like most about Utrecht in contrast to other (larger) student cities.

My opinion of Bath night life

Here I share a little about my experience with Bath night life (even through covid times)

Drinking and Liquor stores

Purchasing alcohol in Ontario and how it works.

A taboo subject…🌿

The legality of marijuana in Ontario and at UTM

UTM: the party scene

A much needed video on the party scene at UTM which is not usually talked about!