cursus intégré PUC-SP/Sciences Po (I)

In this video, I will share some introductory information regarding the “cursus intégré” at Sciences Po.

Cursus intégré – PUC-SP/Sciences Po (I)

In this video, I will explain to you how I started my journey at SciencesPo via the integrated course or “le cursus intégré”. The first of a series of videos, this video will briefly show the differences between a double degree program and a integrated course program.

Why did I chose to do a placement in Education and Psychology? PART 1

In these videos I talked about the factors that lead me to chose a course with a placement year, as well as some of the expectations I have (pt.1)

Programa de Intercâmbio – Part. 3

Como são as fases do processo seletivo para os programas de intercâmbio da PUCSP

Programa de Intercâmbio PUCSP – Part.2

Quais são os requisitos básicos para participar dos programas.

Programa de Intercâmbio PUCSP – Part.1

Panorama inicial de como funciona os programas de intercâmbio da PUCSP.

The Landscapes Program

The Universidad de Navarra really focuses on offering students an international approach to their studies. I know that International Relations mayors have to study a year abroad, and that the Eramus program is really accesible. My mayor includes the Landscapes program to my study plan, which allows students to learn about environmental science topics particular […]

Programa de Dupla Titulação da PUCSP – Part. 3

Como esse programa funciona, quanto tempo ele dura, aonde ele acontece e como eu estou me preparando nesses últimos dois anos.

Programa de Dupla Titulação PUCSP – Part. 2

Quais são os pontos principais para o processo de candidatura do programa de dupla titulação da PUCSP.