FRAC Auvergne

Another place to visit in Clermont-Ferrand is the museum FRAC Auvergne. It’s a museum of modern art and its expositions change every 3 months. Hope that you’ll like it!

Montjuzet park

Hey everyone! In Clermont-Ferrand there is a beautiful park called Montjuzet where you can do sport, spend time with your friends or just enjoy the view. I filmed this park a little bit so I hope that you’ll see how nice it is!

How to improve your linguistic skills during holidays

In this video I give some simple tips on how to improve your linguistic skills during summer holidays !

3 French traditions you need to know

Hi everyone! If you are a foreigner and you come to France for studies, in this video I give you 3 French traditions


Here is a little video of some places of my city. Hope that you’ll like it!

Spend time between classes in Clermont-ferrand

In this video I explain where you can spend time when you have a break between your classes!

The qualities for LEA

Hey everyone! In this video I wanted to tell you (in my opinion) the qualities that you need to have to be in bachelor of LEA. Hope that it will be helpful !

The types of professors you meet at uni

Not all professors at the university are careless, as everyone says, so learn more about it !

Live alone or flatsharing?

This is a hard decision because there are pros and cons on every side. So, this is my opinion on it!

Transportation in Clermont-Ferrand: C.vélos

Hey everyone! This is the part 2 of transportation in Clermont-Ferrand where I talk about bicycles

My exam week: part 3

These were my exams on Wednesday and Friday.

My exam week: part 2

These were my exams on Monday and Tuesday.