Benjamin Franklin’s Influence

You see him everywhere: on campus, on benches, throughout Philly. The clash of old and new is something something Penn holds dear and that you’ll witness if you visit campus!

CAPS, UPenn’s Mental Health Resource

It is pretty common to have a breakdown during college, we’re not all made of steel. In fact, the same way we work out our bodies, working on our mental health is just as important! Penn students get access to an entire network of doctors and a support system they provide students going through tough […]

Culture Shocks In the US and UPenn

There are some social cues that don’t really translate to the US, and a school culture shock was that I never saw a Penn game because school spirit was not that much of a thing.

International Student Community at UPenn

There are a lot of international students at Penn, and even more ways to get involved with diverse communities. You’ll be interacting with people from every corner of the world here, across all majors.

Social Life at UPenn

There is A LOT to do socially at Penn. Fraternities and Sororities are a big part of campus life, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways to get together with people our age! I talk a little bit about the social events I used to attend including some mixers and late nights.

Choosing My Dorm Freshman Year

I still remember opening the dorm application and thinking to myself: “If it’s close to engineering and has a dining hall, it’s perfect!”

Penn Brazil Club

The Penn Brazil club was a very tight community where we would get to know fellow Brazilians, have delicious barbecues, and secret Santa events. The club always did its best to start and end our semesters.

My favorite spot on campus: Avril 50

Let me introduce you to my favorite coffee shop on campus. At Avril 50, you can get delicious cups of coffee, caramel toffees, magazines, postcards, and more. If Highlander Grog coffee is being served, it’s your luck day!

How to get a work-study job at Penn

To apply to a work study job at Penn, you can visit this portal on Penn’s website where you can find a list of all open positions, including a filter based on experience, campus location, and domain.

Some dorm life hacks at UPenn

Tip #1: stuff dryer sheets into your AC unit to get a fresh scent for 1+ weeks! Tip # 2: you can mix and match laundry colors and whites as long as you’re keeping everything cold during the process.

Club Soccer at UPenn

How I tried-out for UPenn’s Men’s Club Soccer Team, ended up winning the Regional Tournament and flew out to Arizona with the team to compete in Nationals.

Having Family Close By in College

As an international student, I was very fortunate to have my family nearby. My brother was also living in Philadelphia at the time and my mother was never too far away. In fact, I just had to take the SEPTA train over to her house!