Meal Plans @USC

All students in USC housing must have a meal plan, but there are a couple of options for you to pick between!

Mental Health = Taboo

Mental health is a taboo – is that a common theme throughout USC alone, among other top universities or in the entire country?

Putting in the Effort with Family

You might be overwhelmed with the amount of independence you will be granted when you first get to college, but it is important to stay in touch with family so they know you’re okay!

Office of International Services

An office dedicated to all things international students, from CPT/OPT to I20/SEVIS record!

Explore USC – Interviews

College interviews don’t have to be as scary as they are made out to be!

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

My involvement with AIChE as a member of the K-12 STEM Outreach Committee

PWI + LGBTQ+ community

USC is one of the most popular PWIs in the United States. I talked about that briefly, as well as my involvement with one of the LGBTQ+ organizations we have on campus.

Writing Center

Take advantage of the Writing Center if you want to excel in all the required writing classes you will have to take at USC!

Work-Study Positions Available

I talked about some of the paid jobs that I have had @ USC as an international student!

Credit Score

Start building your credit score early once you get to college!

Registration @USC

Did you know taking AP classes in high school can help you get a better registration slot in college?

Taxes and policies for international students

Have you ever filed taxes before? I promise you it’s easier than it sounds!