Did you know that some of the bests surfers in the world come from Spain’s basque coast? Some of the best surfing spots can be found a bus ride away. Biarritz. Zarautz. Donostia San Sebastian. Take the eusko tren 😉

Road trips in France

This video is about traveling In France

Breaks: outside and inside semester

We have a week break after every block! So every two months

Semester breaks

The UK has a distinct timetable for breaks than other universities, this is NTU’s.

Location of Bath in the UK

The location of Bath in comparison to other cities and how easy the transportation is between them

How is it to travel by plane in the Unites States due to the pandemic

In this video I explained how is it to travel in the United States because of the pandemic.

Differences of Indiana to Miami

In this video I talked about the trip I took the Indiana University and the differences there to my life in Miami.

Starting my weekend in Indiana

On this blog i’m gonna talk about my arrival in Indiana.

Perks of Studying in Madrid

Madrid is a 30 minute drive/ride to a lot of beautiful and scenery places for you to refresh after a long hectic week.

Things to do outside of Mills

Some of what I have done and discovered after moving to the Bay Area