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Top 5 Universities Worldwide.

Choosing the best universities in the world is a complicated task. First of all, it is necessary to determine which factors will be analyzed, each criterion’s weight, and how to assign a score fairly. This is what university rankings do: use the same rule to measure the different institutions of...

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Havioo Heard About Extracurricular Activities?

The selection process for North American and European universities, as a rule, is entirely different from the entrance process of other parts of the world, in which students take only one exam. In the USA, the selection takes into account, in addition to tests (SAT or ACT), English proficiency test,...


Get to Know The University of Miami!

The University of Miami, located in Miami, Florida, is a dynamic community with exceptionally talented people engaged in academic excellence, discovering new knowledge and services in the region, and much more. UM is one of the most important research universities in the country. With more than 15,000 undergraduate and graduate...

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Tips for a Smooth Transition to college!

The early days of living and studying in a new country are difficult for anyone. Insecurities and doubts arise from all sides: what will my university be like? How should I greet my new friends and teachers? Will I miss my home and my family? Will people understand my English?...

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Tips For a Perfect Essay

Experts are unanimous in stating that one of the most important steps – if not the most important – of the application process for universities in the United States is writing essays. The texts will reveal to universities what the test scores do not show: the candidate’s personality. “We want...

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Havioo Heard: Difficulties of Applying During a Global Pandemic?

Applying for college can be stressful and demanding for both students and parents, and as if the usual process was not hard enough, there is a global pandemic going on. Of course, this situation will impact how colleges and universities see their applicants, and this article will explore the difficulties...

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How to Deal with College Application Anxiety

The application season is coming to an end. And nobody needs to tell you that this is one of the most stressful times of student life. There’s a lot of things to do, the deadlines are strict, you depend on this decision to continue your academic life, and you are...