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Orientation day

In this video, I described my experience during the orientation day which the UMIT organized to introduce new students to...

Canteen and Dining

In this video, I talk about lunch times and food options at my university. –German Translation– Da die UMIT sehr...



Hey everyone! I am Hanna and I am studying Psychology at the UMIT in Tirol Austria. I am looking forward...


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Applying to the UMIT

UMIT Website: UMIT Registrierung: – German Summary – Um sich an der UMIT zu bewerben muss man sich...

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As a 2nd year bioveterinary student, we don’t get that much priority compared to the actual vet medicine students (but that’s okay!!). ALL our lectures are recorded meaning we can do them whenever we want and at our own pace 🙂 there isn’t any attendance taken and the only zoom...

Anatomy Museum

We have our own anatomy museum in the Camden campus featuring all types of animals skeletons and preserved specimens and it’s all online as well and anyone can view it 😀 there’s also an Asian elephant skeleton proudly standing in the middle of our in campus coffee shop (aka the...

First blog post!

Hi! I’m studying at the Royal Veterinary College in London. Our school specialises in Vet courses ranging from Animal behaviour to Wildlife Biology and of course Veterinary Medicine. We have 2 campuses, one in Central London and the other in Hawkshead, We also have our own animal hospital attached to...