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Study Routine

As a bio major, high school did not prepare me for the amount of information that I had to memorize....


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Opus Dei in Navarra

I heard about Opus Dei, a conservative catholic group, for the first time during my application process. There were definitely...

Financial Guides


Realizing you spent 60+ euros on Glovo or Uber Eats in a month is not cute.

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Did you know that some of the bests surfers in the world come from Spain’s basque coast? Some of the...


Pamplona’s big city quirk

Even though Pamplona may be small, it offers high quality cosmetic procedures. I’m confident when I say that, cosmetically, Panama...

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Life Hack for Roommates: Download #SettleUp!

This app is a lifesaver. My roommates and I do a lot of joint purchases (groceries, electrodomestics, wifi, bills, etc), and this app allowed us to keep track of our expenses and know exactly what amount we needed to pay which person. This will save you so much time!

A Day in the Life at #UNAV

What does a day in the life look like for me? Since I have afternoon classes (3 – 7 pm), I usually study in the mornings. I try (emphasis on try) to start studying around 9 am, and leave my apartment around 2:40 pm. The uni is around 20 mins...