Connect with prospective international students and parents, on a personal level

Vioo puts you in front of our network of high school students seeking degrees in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Personalized International Student Recruitment

Vioo brings together high school students from around the world in real-time communication with current students through peer-to-peer chats, videos, interactive webinars, and more. In this space, students can comfortably ask questions about the college experience directly to their peers, thus creating more informed and positive connections with studying in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

As has long-been known, stewarding positive word of mouth is a critical factor in maintaining sustainable international student recruitment success. Although colleges and universities do a great job representing their institutions abroad, at Vioo we believe there is no more powerful tool than authentic peer-to-peer communication for building real connections with prospective students and preparing them for study in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.




The Vioo Difference

Unlike other recruitment platforms, Vioo does not rely on static university profiles. Rather, our content has been designed to be interactive to contemporary student needs and interests. We prioritize real time, personal communication by utilizing a matchmaking algorithm that connects prospective students with currently enrolled students in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The result is a safe digital environment through which international institutions can connect with qualified, internationally-mobile students through video-supported outreach initiatives, and engage their currently enrolled students in the process.


Target Student Population

Vioo can boost your presence in Brazil in 2021. Through our network of international high schools in Brazil, we have gained a significant user base: currently 10% of all Brazillians studying in the U.S. have a Vioo account. By the end of the year, we aim to have more than 50% of all Brazilian students interested in U.S. study interacting with the Vioo platform.

And that’s just the beginning! Vioo is already expanding to strategic countries in South America and Europe and will soon offer resources for graduate students.


University Plans



Exclusive Features

For exclusive partners only, the Vioo team will visit your campus and record student videos for you to use at your discretion and for us to feature on Vioo. Together, we will select a range of topics, students and locations, and our team will take care of production, quality, uploading, and sharing. Recording high quality “day in the life” videos is very difficult, but if done properly, can engage prospective students and parents on a personal level.

With over 2,300 followers on Instagram and 2,300 subscribers to our newsletter, Vioo is able to reach high schoolers, parents, and other key decision-makers in the education space in Brazil, and around the world.

Premium Features

Vioo will organize a 90-minute “UniTalk” for its partner institutions. At each UniTalk a university or college representative will be invited to offer a brief overview of the institution to a group of 10-25 prospective students. This will be followed by a 1-hr, moderated peer-to-peer discussion between current and prospective students. During this time high school students can discuss a range of topics with current students, from academic matters to student life. As a bonus, Vioo will provide you with a complete list of the participating students and their contact information.

Give prospective high schoolers a unique experience by having a video chat with current students at your university. Vioo’s matchmaking algorithm will pair students with similar profiles, interests, and backgrounds, and we will set up and guarantee a safe environment for a 1 hour conversation.

Every month Vioo organizes a themed panel with 3 university representatives on specific topics. It’s the opportunity to showcase faculty expertise, new university programs and facilities, and resources for prospective students and their families. Sessions are recorded and shared with our global audience.

Vioo’s network of 1,500+ students from Brazil and 5 other South American countries are navigating our platform searching for universities best fit for them. With a featured profile, you’ll be able to stand out and redirect students to your university-sponsored videos and website. Universities with standard also profiles get showcased on our Videos page, which receives thousands of page visits a day. 

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