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My Experience Studying Languages during Two Summer Terms

こんにちはみなさん! I always thought that it would be great to fulfill either some lower grade requirements or even learn some new languages during the summer session. I’ve been in this program for two years in a row now, both online and studying two different languages. Back in 2020, one of...

UBC Summer’s Session

I might be too late writing this blog post, but I felt the need to share how UBC’s Summer session flows. Unlike the Winter session (around 6-7 months in total), the Summer session obviously runs during the summer. This session is divided into two terms, ranging from May 10-June 25...

The Big Three: UBC’s First-Year Residences

As my previous blog explores the price range and benefits included within UBC’s first-year residences, this blog will aim to explain the different types of housing that prospective students will be assigned to one they pay their housing fees. In UBC Vancouver, the main student residences are Place Vanier, Totem...

Vancouver Expenses: The Cost of Housing outside of Campus

One of the main concerns of leaving the first-year dormitories is probably “how much will I need to pay to live outside of campus.” For me, this is pretty much what I thought of during my summer break. Well, you can say that the cost of renting in Vancouver could...

Tips on Finding a Part-Time Job as a Student in Vancouver

Once I left the first-year dormitories I was unable to work my shifts as a student-cafeteria worker. I had to look for part-time opportunities outside of campus, and that took my a while to get a job. One thing I can say about getting a part-time job is that it’s...

The University of British Columbia’s Co-Op Program

The Co-Op Program is one of UBC’s most demanding program offered to students. Co-Op, which stands for Co-operative Education, “integrates students’ academic education (classroom-based learning) with relevant, supervised, and paid work experience (work-base learning) (quoted from: This program offers students not just a chance of working, but also the...