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Dining Hall Near Engineering

Mostra pra vocês um dos novos refeitórios de Penn. Apesar de ser mais caro que os Dining Halls que conhecemos,...

Lab Jobs (Pt. 2)

Nesse vídeo, conto um pouco mais sobre minha experiência trabalhando num laboratório de trauma cerebral chamado de Meaney Lab for...



Engineering Lab Tour (Pt. 3)

Agora mostro o Rapid Prototyping Lab e acabo na porta do laboratório onde eu trabalho, o Fang Yen Laboratory

Engineering Lab Tour (Pt. 2)

Agora mostro o laboratório dedicado aos seniors de engenharia mecânica e mais dos exclusivos à galera desse curso

Engineering Lab Tour (Pt. 1)

Mostro o Towne Café e AddLab, onde alunos podem fazer pedidos para impressões em 3D de vários materiais diferentes.O AddLab...

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CAPS, UPenn’s Mental Health Resource

It is pretty common to have a breakdown during college, we’re not all made of steel. In fact, the same way we work out our bodies, working on our mental health is just as important! Penn students get access to an entire network of doctors and a support system they...

Social Life at UPenn

There is A LOT to do socially at Penn. Fraternities and Sororities are a big part of campus life, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways to get together with people our age! I talk a little bit about the social events I used to attend including some...

My favorite spot on campus: Avril 50

Let me introduce you to my favorite coffee shop on campus. At Avril 50, you can get delicious cups of coffee, caramel toffees, magazines, postcards, and more. If Highlander Grog coffee is being served, it’s your luck day!